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The 9 C's of Exceptional Leadership

2-minute read Sep 01, 2022


When considering hiring a new leader (or considering whether or not to keep the one(s) you already have), consider the 9'Cs of Exceptional Leadership to help you make the right decision.

 Here’s what they are, what they mean, and where you can find evidence of them.

The 9 Cs of Exceptional Leadership

 What They Mean

 Where To Find Evidence



Is the person capable of performing in the role to a high standard? Does the applicant have the skill sets, competencies, and wherewithal to successfully execute the demands of the role—and the role that could potentially follow it? Basically, is the leader capable of doing an excellent job?

Leadership Assessment



Does the individual have a successful track-record of achievement with regard to size and complexity of organization, brand, and demonstrated skill sets? Do the candidate’s work history, experiences, results, and achievements suggest that they would be a natural and suitable person for consideration? Would it be obvious to all of the new-hire’s work colleagues why this person was given the role? Would you feel comfortable with this individual out and about representing you and your company with your logo on their lapel?



…& FIT

Is there Core-Value alignment between this leader and the organization? Will they hire, fire, and develop people in alignment with these Core Values? Do they agree that ‘style’ is as important as ‘result’, and the ends almost never justify the means?

Leadership Assessment & Interview



Would the candidate fit easily into the company structure and culture? Will the leader exemplify the ideals of the organization’s Vision, Mission, and Goals - basically, is there core value alignment on both sides?

Leadership Assessment & Interview



Will this leader place the customer at the heart of everything the organization tries to do ensuring that customer-satisfaction lies at the heart of sustainable growth?

Leadership Assessment & CV



How well does the person understand capital in all of its forms: financial, economic, human, social, intellectual, and brand capital? And can they allocate resources well?

Leadership Assessment & CV



Is this person a leader and a coach at heart, or are they a manager and a doer? Do they focus their attention on developing their people (including themselves), or on task-management?

Leadership Assessment & Interview



Is the candidate an agent of change? Can they demonstrate and articulate a full understanding of how to help people transition the change-curve quickly, and with minimum deleterious effect? Are they sufficiently solutions-oriented on an individual and group basis? Do they focus on total-quality, everywhere?

Leadership Assessment & CV



Does the individual encourage collaboration, not just communication, and cooperation? Can they provide evidence of this? Are they clear about the dynamics of collaborative teams breaking down silos and ‘not invented here’ syndrome? Do they share resources freely?

Leadership Assessment & Interview


Leadership assessments are absolutely critical to help organizations make people decisions with complete confidence.

There are many available, of course, but our proprietary assessment measures against the Core Elements of Exceptional Leadership and twenty Critical Performance Competencies needed for leadership success.


Our Leadership Assessment 

Our uniquely powerful Leadership Assessment delivers an in-depth, accurate, and insightful understanding of your current leadership ability. The assessment measures against the twenty Critical Performance Competencies needed for leadership success, and reveals your unique leadership strengths, styles, and self-awareness levels.